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i think i got a virus

I think i have a virus

I think I have a virus but help needed

I think I have a virus but don't know what

I think I have a virus from a .exe file?

I think I have a virus or spyware of some sort

I think I have a virus that is stopping downloads

I Think I Have A Virus Or Something Please Read Log.


I think I have a virus. Help please?

I think i have been had by a virus

I think i have some sort of virus or spyware

I think I have some sort of virus. I can't get online

I think I may be infected with a virus

I think I May Be Infected

i think i may have a virus

I think I may have a virus on my computer

I Think I May Have Downloaded A Virus

I think i might be infected with a virus.

I think i might be infected with a virus of some sort.

i think i might have a nasty virus

I think I might have a virus

I think I might have some virus

I think I picked up a virus while downloading files

I Think I'm having a Virus or Malware Emergency

I think im infected with a virus (core10x)

I Think im infected with some type of virus please help

I think I'm may be infected.

I think I'm really infected. Please help.

i think it's a virus

I think I've got a virus

I think I've got a virus or something

I think my computer got attacked by a virus


I think there's a trojan downloader & exe files can't run

i think this computer has some sort of virus

I use kaspersky/malware bytes.anything else I should do to stay safe?

IE keeps opening without user interaction

IE9 and Firefox: This file contained a virus and was deleted.

If I lose any more sleep then the virus wins

Ifected With Spyware

I'm almost certain there is a virus (or several) on my computer.

I'm having problems with a virus

I'm infected - and spyware is not helping

I'm Infected And I Don't Know What To Do

I'm infected but anti-virus programs detect nothing.

I'm infected but can't find the virus

I'm infected with a virus and i need help

Im Infected With Several Trojans And Who Knows What Else.

I'm infected with this virus. Name: 27218346293184

I'm not sure if I have a virus or not.

I'm Not Sure If I Have A Virus

I'm not sure if this is a virus

I'm Pretty Sure I Have Malware. Help

Im sure i have a virus Please help

I'm Sure I'm infected need some help

I'm Unsure If the File I Ran was a Virus

Infectd with viruses what do i do some please help?

Infecteced? Next step - Asked to post logs here

Infected (not sure about name) firewall problems

Infected and dont know what to do~help please

Infected but not sure what

Infected By A Virus.disappeared My Antivirus

Infected by a Virus

Infected by Java Trojans? And other things

Infected by possibly Adware?

Infected by something not sure what

infected by spyware which makes windows crash when shutting down

Infected Computer - No Firewall or Internet Access

infected maybe

Infected Security Software Problems

Infected W/ Really Slow Performance.please Help

Infected with advanced anti-virus scanner and possibly others

Infected with System Security

infected with [possible] hardware virus

Infected with a Nasty Malware (Not sure which one)

Infected with a virus but cant work out which one

Infected with a virus or a malware

Infected with a virus that makes me buy security

Infected With A Virust Burst Program

Infected with a virus called melissa storm?

Infected with Gadcom.exe and other potential spyware issues

Infected With Generic | Spyware

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