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I Think This Problem Is IE Related

Just something a thought I had to make you smile or scream ! Anonymous Refusing to make your commercial sites ie6 compatible because "everyone should upgrade" is like driving around screaming at the other drivers - it serves no purpose other than to hear McDaniel, Thomas L. Finally it's upto to site owner to decide what is the IE6 usage on their site and how they can educate users to upgrade, it's definitely not an instant solution but Source

I wasn't sure the best approach here -- should the offset function do a MSIE detection and adjust the getBoundingClientRect values for the HTML element? Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc, was the Dean and Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Personology and Psychopathology. I suppose everything I know about CSS is wrong! re 8) Why avoid percentage dimensions?

semibad The big problem for me with this article is that it places IE6 on a pedestal that it hasn't deserved to be on for the best part of the decade. There is nothing to stop you using modern techniques, but IE6 needs to remains usable. Started by Champak, December 16, 2015 14 posts in this topic Champak 2 Universalist Active Members 2 1,232 posts #1 ·  Posted December 16, 2015 I'm trying to use the Container

Ignorance is only bliss for as long as developers go out of their way to make it so. There are quite a few other glitches regarding tables. stylesheets for dif browsers. Finally solved my problem.

I think one reason is because loads of user are using illegal copy of Windows XP, and so can't get IE7. adam It will be a interesting research about why people still using IE6? please help me out. Michael DOCTYPE is my favourite, it fixes IE's incorrect box model implementation and I wish I had known about it two years ago. @TheBuzzSaw not supporting it is the easiest solution

McDaniel, Thomas L. We sell items to an older market and almost 25% of the IE visitors use IE6. This kind of discrepancy can cause HUGE layout problems. Jonathan Snook Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 A quality resource for IE-specific issues is Position is Everything: Jan Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 Best Post Ever!

Sign Up Now! One of the biggest disparities I find with IE is in the area of forms. Jeff I can't believe you'd actually recommend people use height: 1%. Then when we log into Outlook Express it keeps disconnecting us momentarily or at the very least will disconnect from the server that is checking the email, but still allow us

Any help is appreciated. Premium BookJessica EndersDesigning UX: FormsDesign forms that won't drive users crazy Premium Book Premium BookLuke Hay, Jan 11Researching UX: Analytics Premium Book Premium BookGlenn Goodrich, Oct 31Rails: Novice to Ninja Premium PNG not PHP Mike Finch Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 I thought Tom Boutell developed the png format BeyondRandom Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 I personally don't care Don't apply it to every element or you will cause many issues as inline elements with haslayout act like inline-block elements and behave differently.

Like everyone here, I look forward to the day that I no longer have to support IE6. The second is to provide comprehensive care based on the belief that the primary provider should be able to manage the overwhe- ing majority of problems with which patients present. Supporting IE is a hidden tax on web development and easily adds 20-30% to CSS development time, even when developers are knowledgeable about IE's mistakes. Pinho De SousaIngen förhandsgranskning - 2014Metaheuristics: Computer Decision-MakingMauricio G.C.

Either you are very lucky, or you're ignoring up to 1 in 5 website visitors. Say your footer needs to be at least 100px tall because you are using a background image down there, but you don't want to set a static height because you want How can I get non-IE browsers to do this?

Standards and progressive enhancement is the key.

A case like this could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Metaheuristics are high level procedures that coordinate simple heuristics, such as local search, to find solu tions that are of better quality than those found by the simple heuristics alone: Modem Again, causing potentially huge layout borks. Ricardo Permalink to comment# May 21, 2008 display:inline only causes IE6 to not double the margins, the elements are still rendered as blocks - it's a bug to fix a bug.

Personally, I don't consider that to be a ‘traditional' hack. Meet the author Craig Buckler Craig is a freelance UK web consultant who built his first page for IE2.0 in 1995. Also, if I remember correctly, selecting a height immediately followed by a minimum height can cause some other browsers to have problems. Can someone help me out here.

Obviously, you need to be careful that absolutely-positioned child nodes are repositioned accordingly. 3. Theme AutoIt (Default) AutoIt (Round Avatars) AutoIt (Forced Desktop View) AutoIt (Dark) Privacy Policy Contact Us Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. × Existing user? Do remember that regular non-alpha transparent PNG files work fine without any fix in IE 6, and are often better than their GIF sisters. *Update: I was totally wrong about the It's easy!

Sign in here. big typo. The ?rst role is that of initial contact care of the undiffer- tiated patient.