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I think I found why long boot up time

I think i have a registry problem

I Think Ie7 Has Messed Up My Computer

I think im infected with different viruses plus win32 bagle and my mouse pointer has a odd circle over it idling wont stop.

I think my slower computer may have some hidden extras/

I think something is changing my admin rights/permission .

I think this is a windows issue?

I think virus knocked out my Ethernet jack on my PC.

I Want The Administrator Account To Be My Only Account

I want to install Windows 10 ?

i want to Roll Back from Win10 to Win7

I Was Just Searching My C Drive And

I was told with Windows 10

I.e Pop Ups Out Of No Where. Pc Suddenly Slow And Can't Click Start Menu.

iCloud and Windows 10 native Calendar/Mail app

I-Click Answers will not work on Windows 7

Icon issue after update

Icon On My Taskbar Won't Go Away

Icons keep refreshing and programs are non-responsive when a window pops up

Icons Not Loading.

Icons will not open and can't run any antivirus protection

Icons will not load in desktop

Icons+toolbar GONE

Identifying.([network name]) No Internet Access

Ie Defender Sucks

Ie Pops Up Itself And Au Doesn't Turn On

Ie Popups Everywhere And Fake Security Balloons In Toolbar

Ie Shortcuts On Desktop Don't Open

Ie Trouble. Could This Be A Spyware Or Something?

IE/AV Problem Connecting to Internet

Ie6 Ad-w-a-r-e And Lots More Popup Windows(new Hijack Log File Attached)

If I buy Win 7 pro What version can be installed more then once?

If you are using McAfee - probably not

If your programs don't run in WIN 7 read this

I'm at my end point (Can't access Regedit

Im dissabled (black screen white curser) need fixed for online food shopping.

i'm having problems with my pc.

I'm having massive issues with windows

Im trying to put a newer version of windows on my dell laptop running

Import Registry Backup After Viral Removal

Important updates corrupted/wont work

Impossible to Login to Windows?

Improperly Functioning Taskbar

Inability access to access taskbar and start menu

Inactive Anti-virus Program Conflicts with Active One

incompatible video graphics

Incorrect system time

increase size of window text only - is there a registry change to do this?

incredibly slow after running msconfig

Incredimail e-mail system

Infected and can't install HJT or MWB's

Infected but can't get to the internet

Infected by reader_s.exe How do I remove it?

Infected by softwarear

Infected Computer. Random Freeze Ups And Boot Glitch

infected displaying ads in chinese on web browser and disable antivirus software

Infected Windows 10

Infected win64/patched.a.gen trojan

Infected With win Antivirus Pro - Getting Annoying Popup

Infected with Consentb.exe Among Others

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